[About Chronostec24]

We help you boost your business

Chronostec24 is a global management consulting and professional services company offering strategic, digital, technological and operations management consulting services. We accompany many companies and administrations in Canada and Africa in the digital transformation of their business by combining advanced technological expertise and strategic consulting capabilities.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to offer a variety of online booking services for seasonal rentals, in the provision of digital printing services, in the marketing of GIS products (SUPERGEO) and the development of GIS solutions and in communication. Chronostec24’s vision is based on a managerial organization adapted to rapid international deployment, and on the ability of managers to set measurable and achievable objectives for each individual.


Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We put the customer at the heart of our quality approach. We are constantly raising our standards to meet the demands of technology and customers through the development of innovative products.


Chronostec24 continuously innovates throughout the value creation chain in our various fields of expertise. We are experiencing rapid innovation cycles by implementing a group-wide monitoring and forward-thinking structure. We anticipate tomorrow’s challenges in order to offer services and tools to businesses, populations and governments.