Take advantage of map data

We offer thematic maps and cartographic data to support decision-makers in their decision-making.


  • Administrative maps: national map, national map of Districts, national map of regions, departments, sub-prefectures and communes.
  • City maps: city map of Abidjan and communes, maps of Abidjan sectors, city maps.
  • Maps on demand: road maps, tourist maps, education maps, hydraulic maps, thematic maps, etc.


  • Standard of living of the population by neighbourhood: Average income per household, per municipality and per neighbourhood; Average expenditure per household and per post; Cost of living index; Income disparity index…
  • Démographie: population by neighbourhood: Population density by neighbourhood; Population distribution by sex, and by age group .
  • Social : CSP by neighbourhood and age group, Dominant sector of activity by locality, Level of security, …
  • Identification of promising areas: neighbourhoods with high economic potential and very attractive.