Execute your data collections efficiently

We provide you with state-of-the-art equipment to help you efficiently and safely in your topographic surveys.


In addition to the features below, we provide you with GPS and mapping applications for surveying work.

  • An agenda, for organizing the timetable, with visual or auditory reminder mechanisms. Appointments and events planned in the agenda can be contextualized to meet both professional and personal needs, thanks to an adaptable classification (office, private, etc.).
  • A task manager acting as a reminder of the tasks to be performed. A priority, deadlines or reminder mechanisms can be assigned to each task.
  • An address book (contact managers), making it possible to have the contact details of one’s contacts (telephone number, postal address, e-mail address, etc.) at hand at all times.
  • A messaging software, making it possible to consult one’s e-mails as well as to write new messages.


Carry out topographic surveys by UAV according to your needs, to scale, on a plan or on a map. We put at your disposal the expertise and the adapted equipment for all your conventional topography projects.

By limiting the action of your men in dangerous or inaccessible areas, this equipment preserves the physical integrity of your personnel while allowing great efficiency in the field.