A revolution in spatial data collection

SuperPad is a complete mobile GIS software that supports Windows and Windows Mobile OS. In addition to basic functions such as collecting, editing, displaying and querying spatial data, it also has powerful GPS tools and extensions that can meet a variety of needs.
Because of its outstanding performance and usable features, SuperPad has been widely selected by mining, forestry, and utility management companies around the world.

[With SuperPad you can perform the following actions]


  • Collect extremely accurate spatial data in the field using NTRIP.
  • Integrate online maps into WMS, WMTS and WFS standards.
  • Access, manage and share your layers via Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Add various extensions to meet your distinct needs.
  • Overlay maps even in different coordinate systems.
  • Define a custom quick project to complete field work in the blink of an eye.