Your cutting-edge mobile gis application

Integrating the most advanced GIS and GNSS technologies, SuperSurv is an Android-based mobile surveying application. Its main features include spatial data collection, display, editing and querying, real-time GNSS positioning and waypoint management.

Due to its extraordinary performance and practical features, SuperSurv has already been selected and widely used in forestry, mining, engineering consulting and asset management companies around the world.

[With SuperSurv you can perform the following actions]


  • Efficiently capture data from point, line and polygon fields.
  • Get information by adding WMS, WMTS and WFS layers.
  • Export the result in immediately printable designs.
  • Displays and changes data even in an offline environment.
  • Achieve sub-meter GPS accuracy with NTRIP.
  • Download the data to Google Drive or Dropbox with ease.